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our services

  • We Refill all types of Medication at much affordable price direct to your door step without shipping charges 

  • Our Online Pharmacy is Operating 24/7-365 

  • Our health Experts are available on Email and chat  providing free guidance when needed

A story of freshness


Our parent company is registered in India and working as per authority of India and USA. 

​We are an independent entity and not affiliated with any Brand or Pharmacy.

We are exporting pharmaceutical product world wide from last 9 years with the highest record of customer satisfaction

We are an e-commerce platform that makes every product available to our customer at discounted price.


We are sales operating unit that provides wide range of medication at a much cheaper price by comparing rates from multiple brands which are working according to the FDA rules and regulation.


WE only do sales and marketing of the listed drug. We do not manufacture listed medication.

We have two Hubs and shipping department and your medication   will be shipped from USA, INDIA ,SINGAPORE and Poland and every package will be delivered and shipped either  by U.S.P.S or D.H.L. Please note that all the medication are fulfilled by our authorized Indian pharmacy.

 Our Mother Company is approved and registered by the authority of the INDIA.

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